Thad Buchanan "Loveless Style" Boot Knife
Thad Buchanan"Loveless Style" Boot Knife
  • 9 1/4" - Overall Length
  • 4 5/8" - Handle
  • Blade - 4 5/8", CPM154, Thad Buchanan Oregon
USA - stamp front. Fantastic Blade grinds and finish.
  • Guard - 416ss Satin Finish
  • Bolts - 416ss Satin Finish
  • Lanyard Tube
  • Scales - Absolutely Gorgeous matching stag with
lots of caramel colors and ultra thin reds spacers
  • Sheath - Handmade "Loveless Style" by Thad
  • Comes in a padded zipper case
  • We feel that Thad is doing some really Fantastic work,
and that his work is comparable to any of the top
makers out there. The fit & finish is outstanding.
This knife is straight from the 2010 Chicago
Custom Knife Show.

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