Consignment Policy
To place a knife on consignment, please email me at
with all of the information that I have requested below. Also include the price
that you want to sell the knife for, if I do not feel that I can sell them - I will
let you know.
What you will receive is 60 days posted on our website at full price, Full color
pictures front, back and any others that are needed. After 60 days, we will
decide if we will keep it posted. You pay the shipping back if the knife/knives
do not sell. Please read the consignment policy below, which will answer most
commonly asked questions.
  1. Photo of the knife that you would like to sell
  2. Any other information that should go with the knife
  3. The price we will ask for it and you know that we will deduct 20%
    commission off that price.
  4. Your name, address, phone number and email address
If we agree to take the knife on for consignment - we will give you the mailing
address where to ship your knives to.
We highly recommend that you insure your knives, as we are not responsible if
anything happens to them.
Knives should be clean and in salable condition. Repair and/or cleaning fees
will be deducted if we need to work on a knife to make it presentable and will
delay placement on the site.
Due to the amount of consignments we accept, it may take up to two weeks
from the date we receive your knives to post them on the site.  We will contact
you to confirm that we have received them.


We will offer our suggestions on pricing for any consignment knives but
ultimately the decision is yours, others have specific prices in mind that they
want us to follow.  Proper pricing can be the difference between selling a knife
in minutes and in not selling at all, so we will work with you to find a price
that will both meet your needs and result in a sale.  

Please be aware that we cannot offer our specific pricing suggestions until your
knives are in our hands, but we guarantee that we will only post your knives at
prices that satisfies you.


We have a scheduled payout once a month, fourth Friday of every month.  On
each payout date we will mail you a check for any of your knives that were
sold during the previous month.  (i.e.  If your knife sold in June, you will be
paid on our July payout date, and so on)

Please note that we determine the sale date of a knife by when it is fully paid
and shipped to the customer.  For example, a knife may be ordered at the end
of June and not paid for and shipped until July.  In this case, our consignment
payout would be in August for this knife.  
Please contact us if you have any specific questions regarding your payouts.


You may choose to have your knife removed from the site and returned to you
at any time, however if the knife is on the website for less then the agreed
upon 60 days, you will be charged a $25 handling fee and will be responsible
for the return shipping.
Feel free to contact us by phone at (734)846-6656 during business hours
(Mon - Fri, 10 AM - 5 PM EST) or by
Consignment Policy:
R&M Custom Knives
Email: or  call (734)846-6656 M-F 10-5 EST